Cat Breeds

The Complete Guide to Pet Care​

Have you decided to adopt a cat? Are you having trouble deciding what type of feline friend would you like to bring home? If that’s the case then you’re at the right place. We have prepared a list of domestic cat breeds for you to choose from.

We have taken into account cats’ behavior, body type, responsibility level, and how good they are around people especially those other than their owners in order to prepare this list. Cat’s personality and behavioral traits can be broadly classified into activity/ playfulness, fearfulness, aggression towards humans, cats, and other animals, and sociability towards humans, cats, and other animals.

Each individual cat shows distinct personality and behavioral traits but we can see consistencies within the breed while there are stark differences when we compare across breeds. Some cat breeds have a higher activity level while some are very passive, some cat breeds are extremely aggressive towards humans and other animals while some are very gentle and playful towards humans and other animals.

Knowing what you want from your relationship with your feline friend is absolutely indispensable because a mismatch of personalities (of owner and cat) could prove disastrous for both the owner and the cat.
But don’t be afraid our guide will help you choose the perfect cat that’ll check most if not all the requirements in your checklist.

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