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We are a team of animal enthusiasts with rich experience and proven expertise in the fields of animal welfare, behavioural & psychological training as well as in the veterinary domain. Our team of writers who are industry experts in their respective domains write insightful and detailed articles frequently so our readers get valuable insights and knowledge to revitalise their relationship with their animal companions and improve or modify the behaviour of their pets.

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Our blog archive contains thorough information regarding various pet species like dogs, cats, horses , birds and exotic animal species along with their classification on the basis of breeds and the characteristic traits of a particular breed.

Dog Breeds Classification

We provide all the relevant details and valuable information to potential dog owners regarding which dog breed they should adopt as well as current dog owners so they understand their dog’sinherent tendencies much better.

Cat Breeds Classification

Before adopting any animal it is vitally important to gather a vast amount of knowledge regarding the breed and behavioural tendencies of your potential pet. This is especially true for cats but don’ worry we’ve got you covered.

Exotics Breeds Classification

Any animal which isn’t considered to be part of a domestic specie could be deemed exotic. There could be thousands of exotic pets that people own. We have curated and compiled a selection of few of the most popular exotic pets out there.

Bird Breeds Classification

When it comes to birds the differences between various bird species could be as contrasting as night and day. Therefore its vitally important to have thorough knowledge regarding your potential feathery companion before adopting one.

Horse Breeds Classification

Horse is among few of the animals who are bred for particular purposes. Some are bred to race, some are bred to carry weight and some for a variety of other reasons. Click on the link below to find out more.


Our team of staff writers comprising of animal trainers, animal behaviour experts and veterinarians have created an exhaustive library of various training methods and modules for a multitude of animal species.

Dog Training Methods

At mycitymyvet we’re dedicated to provide our readers with all the relevant information, tips and tricks to train their canine in every capacity (ranging from basic stuff to advanced tricks and much more).

Cat Training Methods

We’re here to bust the myth that cats can’t be trained. Our team of experts who have decades of experience in the field have created an exhaustive library/archive of articles and blogs regarding various cat training methods.

Exotic Training Methods

Each animal specie has its own unique characteristic traits. There are a bunch of animals which come under the umbrella term of exotic animals. Our team of experts have designed some training modules for some of the most popular exotic animal pets out there.

Birds Training Methods

Various bird breeds have special skills. Few of the species could be trained to talk and mimic sounds, a few others could be trained to dance while most of them could be trained in basic obedience and behaviour modification training.
Horse Training

Horse Training Methods

Horses have been domesticated since the beginning of the human race. To fight in our wars, to transport people and so much more. Training your horse could be challenging. At MyCityMyVet you’ll get curated articles written by top horse trainers containing valuable info, tips and tricks to train your horse.

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