Birds Training

The Complete Guide to Pet Care

Many people often think of birds as emotionless creature’s incapable of forming meaningful bonds with humans. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many if not all domesticated birds are extremely intelligent and forge a deep emotional connection with their owners. Many birds like macaws and cockatoos can live for well over 50 years in captivity, so you’re getting a companion for life essentially, therefore its vital that you train your bird properly so you and your feathery companion can enjoy an amazing relationship that’s going to last a lifetime.

There’s a plethora of things you can teach your pet bird. There are thousands of domesticated bird species each with their own unique abilities, characteristics and temperaments. Some bird species like budgies, parrots, macaws, parakeets etc. can be trained to talk and mimic sounds while some species like the cockatoo can be trained to dance to music.

Even if your bird can’t fly or dance your bird can definitely be trained to be more sociable, less anxious and most importantly your pet bird could be given deterrence training so it is discouraged to indulge in negative behavior like biting, refusing food, screaming etc.

Training your bird is just as much about the bird responding to you but more significantly it’s about you paying attention to the cues your bird gives. These cues would almost always be in their distinct mannerisms and body language. So, with lots of love and attention both you and your bird would definitely achieve all your objectives.

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