Top 5 Friendliest Bird Breeds

Top 5 Friendliest Bird Breeds

We often think of birds as timid, fidgety and skittish creatures who don’t have a natural tendency to have a friendly attitude towards humans in general. When you imagine such bird breeds in India and around the globe with aforementioned characteristic traits, you’d realize you are visualizing non-domesticated/wild birds and not domesticated birds. Domesticated or pet bird breeds have diametrically contrasting traits when compared to wild/non-domesticated birds. They (pet birds) could be described as highly intelligent, super friendly, very gentle, and extremely well-suited to being a friendly companion which could rival any prevalent pets like cats and dogs. If you’re looking to adopt a bird and you have no prior experience of owning or even interacting with birds then we’d recommend you to adopt one of these bird breeds we’re about to discuss in this post as the friendly and docile traits in your first ever pet bird are extremely important for people with limited or no experience of owning a pet bird. If your feathery companion has a friendly temperament rather than a fiery one then it’d be much easier for you and more importantly for your pet bird to bond with each other. Before we begin with our list of friendliest bird breeds in India and beyond, we’d like you to know this is just our educated opinion after our team of bird experts have thoroughly analyzed and studied intrinsic characteristic traits of various bird breeds. With that being said, let’s begin.


When we think of Australia, venomous snakes, creepy spiders, deadly creatures of the ocean, cute little koalas and saltwater crocodiles come to mind. We rarely think about one of the most common pet birds across the globe that is the marvelous cockatiel. It belongs to the cockatoo family while other prominent members of the cockatoo family are relatively larger than our first entry on this list its friendly disposition, exceptional level of intelligence and its ability to show tremendous amount of love and affection towards its owner makes it one of the ideal bird breeds that make fantastic pets. Coming to this majestic bird’s physical traits, it has a sleek grey body; a bright, lovely yellow face and crest; orange cheeks and a long, beautiful tail. It comes in a wide variety of hues due to particular mutations, these include albino, pied, and cinnamon. It’s a relatively small bird weighing less than 3 ounces and about 12-13 inches in length.


Probably the most popular as well as the most common pet bird across the globe is the mesmerizing budgerigar also known as budgie. These beautiful little birds are the pet of choice for many due to their extraordinarily friendly and affectionate nature after very basic training. To top it all off they’re pretty small thus low maintenance and they’re highly trainable as well. They’re extremely intelligent and can even learn how to talk after just a few training sessions.


The previous two entries in our list were small birds. If you want a large bird with the same friendly demeanor and amazing intelligence levels then cockatoo could be your ideal companion. These birds are so friendly and develop such a close bond with their owners that they often get depressed and engage in quite destructive behavior like refusing food, biting others etc. when they haven’t seen their owners for a while. These birds prefer to be with owners most of the time and it is vital that you have a lot of time, energy, affection and love for this bird before adopting one.


Continuing with our trend of fairly larger pet birds we have arrived at the astonishing African grey parrot. Widely regarded as one of smartest animals let alone one of the smartest bird breeds there is. A specimen at an American zoo named quite appropriately as “Einstein” had a vocabulary of more than 500 words which it used when commanded. They’re known to live for 55-65 years in captivity so you’ll be getting a highly intelligent pet for life.


If you think the previous two entries in our list were large then the final entry on our list would seem like a giant to you. The hyacinth macaw is the largest parrot specie in the world growing up to and sometimes more than 40-50 inches in length and weighing an astonishing 50-55 ounces. These birds require spacious enclosures and are pretty high maintenance. Those who are able to provide love, care and affection to this gentle giant will get it back at an exponentially greater level.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the friendliest bird breeds in India and beyond. We understand we have omitted a lot of other friendly birds and if your favorite bird didn’t make our list don’t be mad just yet, It might feature in part 2 of this series “5 more friendly bird breeds”.

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