Dogs Training

Dogs Training

The Complete Guide to Pet Care

We’re all aware that it’s the parent’s responsibility to teach their kids how to be good citizens as they grow older. Similarly, a dog owner is responsible for their pup’s transformation into a well-behaved canine citizen who obeys the commands of its owner(s), behaves appropriately towards humans as well as other animals and most importantly doesn’t get agitated easily which could lead your dog to bite others.
A disobedient dog that’s not well trained could prove to be extremely problematic and a hassle for the owner when ideally the dog should be a trustworthy companion its owner could rely upon to behave appropriately with astute situational awareness. Therefore, training your dog properly is of utmost importance.
There are numerous dog training methods which professional dog trainers use to encourage behavior that is deemed positive in dogs and dissuading them from indulging in behavior which is considered negative. Each training method has its pros and cons and the ideal training method for your dog depends primarily on your dog’s inherent personality, its surroundings and the amount of time you’re willing to invest.
It must be noted that you should stick to the training program you’ve selected and not give up easily if results aren’t as quick as you’d hoped. Frequently changing your approach might leave your dog terribly confused and disoriented as your dog wouldn’t know what is expected of it. There’s consensus amongst virtually all the dog trainers that repetition is the key to encourage your dog to respond positively to the program and with lots of love, attention and discipline both of you would definitely get through.

How to Completely Train Your Dog

Do you own a dog and want to train it? Are you reluctant to do it because you believe a professional dog trainer would charge you a fortune for his/her services? Don’t worry you don’t have to hire anyone as our team of professional animal experts who’ve mastered the craft of dog training in India as well as overseas are here to give you all the relevant information, you’d require in order to train your furry little canine friend completely.
Before we begin with the training method, you’d be required to do the following things: –
Ideally your dog should walk alongside you.
If you do all these things then your dog would start to understand your authority and it’d be more likely to obey your commands. The things we mentioned above should become second nature for you as you’d have to do them with virtually every dog, irrespective of whether it’s a foreign breed or one of the dog breeds in India. Doing these things is essential because it’d let your dog know who’s the leader/alpha of the pack. There’s a very famous quote by world-renowned dog psychologist and trainer Cesar Milan which essentially says “for a dog its pack is its family and its family its pack”. It’d be better if you understand your dog’s perspective just a little bit so you could vicariously experience/imagine what it’d be like for a dog to be trained by humans.

Our team has expertise when it comes to dog breeds in India as they’re involved heavily in dog training in India for decades. So, without further ado let’s begin: -