Let’s assume you want to train your dog to sit when commanded to sit and you’ve figured out your dog loves treats. Here are the steps to do so: –

  • Let your dog know you have its favorite treats to get your dog’s undivided attention.
  • Keep on repeating “Sit!! followed by your dog’s name”. Initially, your dog would be perplexed and all its attention would be on the treat in your hand rather than on what you’re saying. As soon as your dog sits, give him the treat and shower him with love, and all the times he doesn’t, don’t reward him with treats and/or affection.
  • Keep on repeating the above step until your dog starts to get the hang of it. It might take anywhere from a day to a fortnight depending on the effort you put in.
  • Lastly remove treats from the equation and train your dog to sit on command without the lure of treats.
  • We hope you follow & fully commit to this training module and we wish you and your furry canine companion the best of luck in achieving all your objectives while forging an indestructible companionship with your dog.

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