Exotic Breeds

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So, you’re neither a dog person nor a cat person and some other “regular” pet species as well also don’t do the trick for you? Are you looking for something unusual, something out of the box, something exotic? Don’t worry, here at mycitymyvet we have something for each and every animal enthusiast.

There are countless animals that most people wouldn’t even dream to consider as pets. Yet, there are some people, like yourself presumably who aren’t big fans of the basic pet species like cats, dogs, birds, horses, etc.
Any animal kept as a pet that is generally not thought to be a domestic specie and is relatively rare could be termed an exotic pet. We must warn you that many exotic pet breeders capture wild animals and force them to breed in captivity which is illegal, so you must be extra cautious when you’re adopting an exotic animal.
There are countless animals as small as insects like spiders, mantises, and scorpions to animals as large as big cats like lions and tigers that have been kept as exotic pets. It is strictly advised that only animal experts who understand the body language and behavioral traits of these exotic animals keep them as pets otherwise the results might be fatal.

Some of the most popular exotic pets are fennec fox, snakes, spiders, monkeys, etc.
If you’re not an exotic animal expert please don’t adopt one as it might put many lives in danger.

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