5 Basic Commands For Dogs

5 Basic Commands For Dogs

Have you always wondered what are the easiest commands you could teach your dog which would not require much effort from your side? What if we told you that you could achieve 5 such commands in just a week or two? We’re not exaggerating here. If your dog is still young these commands shouldn’t take more than a week. Interestingly, these commands are essential and every well-behaved dog must know these commands. We are aware that a substantial minority of dog owners can’t devote much time for their dogs training due to various factors like the demanding nature of their job, allocating a substantial amount of time to the human members of their family and a plethora of other miscellaneous reasons which would take forever to write down. So, we’ve compiled a list of 5 basic commands for dogs that even the busiest dog owner could teach their dog without hiring a professional dog trainer.

As we all know dog training in India has become a huge trend, especially after the pandemic with people posting their dog’s activities As we all know dog training in India has become a huge trend, especially after the pandemic with people posting their dogs activities online at unprecedented rates. Before we begin with the commands there are a few things you should know: –

  • We’ve arranged these commands from the lowest difficulty level to the highest (although they’re all very basic commands which your dog wouldn’t face many difficulties with).

  • You should teach these commands in the same order as they’re listed to get the best results in your dog’s training sessions.

  • Read our previous post “how to completely train your dog” to learn more about positive reinforcement behavioral training which is the training method you should use.

  • All these commands are for obedience training, not some fancy tricks. So, these commands are very practical and useful.

Please keep these things in mind before beginning any training session. So, let’s get started.


This has to be the first command your dog should learn for a number of reasons. Dogs have a natural tendency to sit when they get confused and we can bet your pup/dog would be terribly confused. Using the positive reinforcement technique and rewarding your dog at the right time would make this activity enjoyable for you and your dog. This is the easiest thing to teach any dog that’s why it has to be the first basic command in your dog’s training module.


Once your pooch masters the sit command the natural progression should be to teach him/her to lay down. Dogs are restless creatures and they have a tendency to get way too excited, especially when they’d see you (their owner) or someone they love after sometime. Your dog if not trained properly would be all over you. So, this command would come in very handy to deal with your dog’s separation anxiety and its uncontrollable urge to jump and lick you once it sees you after some time apart.


First two commands were quite easy as your dog has the natural tendency to sit or lay down when it doesn’t know what to do. For the stay command in your dog’s training course, you’d have to have your dogs undivided attention. So, it’s highly recommended you train your dog when it is hungry, tired and desperately wants the treats in your hand. This is a very useful command and it has a variety of applications.


Once your dog has perfected the stay command, the next step would be to teach it to come when called. You could use the stay and come commands in tandem for the best results. Appearing or sounding enthusiastic when you say the word come along with a treat in your hand would encourage your dog come running towards you.


This is the command which majority of dog owners don’t teach their dogs. How many times have you seen a dog pulling the leash vigorously and its owner along with it. This is because the owner didn’t teach their dog the heel command. To achieve this, have your dog’s attention, then point to the side you want him to walk on. As soon as your dog comes alongside you, use a clicker or say “yes,” then reward.

With these 5 commands your dog would definitely be considered an obedient dog. It’s paramount that you take things one step at a time and don’t get frustrated and especially violent when your dog has trouble understanding a few of the commands. Beating your dog is the last thing you should do because your dog would not respect your authority (what you might think would happen), instead your dog would be terrified of you and wouldn’t trust you as much. Patience and perseverance are key to achieve anything and these 5 basic dog commands in your dog’s training arsenal is no exception.

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