Horse Breeds

The Complete Guide to Pet Care

So, you’ve decided to go big and adopt a horse? We’re at your service to provide all the relevant information you need before making such a monumental decision. A horse is a domesticated, hoofed mammal. Scientists believe horses were domesticated in Eastern Europe some 6000 years ago.

Male horses are called stallions while females are called mares. Sexual dimorphism in horses is not as evident as it is in some other animals like lions, where males and females look completely different.

However male horses are generally a bit bigger than their female counterparts mostly because of hormonal differences. Females are also considered to be more even-tempered and placid when compared to males who are generally more unpredictable and aggressive. Some people, on the other hand, prefer stallions as they’re believed to have more personality and spirit.

We have classified various horse breeds into the following categories according to different characteristics, they are: –
1. Size (miniature, Ponies, Light and heavy)
2. Temperament (even-tempered, aggressive, etc.)
3. Purpose (racehorse, leisure horse, horse for commercial reasons, etc.)

Knowing beforehand what are your expectations from your hoofed companion as well as what a particular breed of horse is capable or incapable of doing would go a long way in finding the perfect horse breed for you.

Horse Training