Horses Training

The Complete Guide to Pet Care

If you’re a beginner or this is the first time you’ve owned a horse and you’re planning to teach your mare or stallion some fancy tricks, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional horse trainer because unlike small pets for like cats, dogs, birds etc. horses are huge hoofed mammals and accidents, mishaps or bad communication could be fatal. Young horses especially young males are unpredictable and a copious amount of knowledge, skill, experience and a keen sense of timing is required to organize a successful training session.

However, it’s not impossible for first time horse owners to train their horses. If you’re a first-time horse owner there are a few things you need to know so you’re efficient in getting the desired results and more importantly you’re attentive and well-guarded at all times your hoofed companion is in your vicinity.
It is highly recommended that you train your horse in a closed environment like a round pen, ring or arena. The most important aspect when it comes to training horses like many other animals is patience.

Most of the behavioral problems in horses stem from physical discomfort the horse is under. For instance, a horse would bob its head uncontrollably because its teeth are too long and sharp. Root cause analysis of the problem is indispensable when dealing with horses and you should always remember there’s no shame in asking for professional help.

Horse Training